1. Intro
  2. Account set up
  3. Widgefy Dashboard tour
  4. Creating and managing widgets
  5. Basic widget functions
  6. Checking submitted forms info and stats



Hello there, we want to thank you on behalf of the whole Widgefy team for expressing interest and taking the time to try out our widgets. We have recorded a few video clips of Widgefy dashboard to help you get get started!

In case you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Account set up

Following video showcases initial sign up process and website bind.

Dashboard tour

In this video we’re taking a quick glance at admin dashboard and available functions.

Creating and managing widgets

Current video shows how to create and manage widgets within a chosen website.

Basic widget functions: Improving site conversion

Taking a brief look at Calculator, Quick order and Sales/Discounts tabs.

Basic widget functions: Widget appearance

Following video demonstrates basic widget appearance set up process.

Basic widget functions: Extra settings & Widget URL Targeting

Here we discuss some extra settings for a widget and briefly go over URL Targeting feature. There is going to be released a new video on URL targeting soon.

Checking stats & submitted leads info

What if we accidentally deleted an email? No worries, in this video we show where to get all of that data.

This should cover most of the questions that may arise during set up process. In case you have anything else to add or got questions, drop a comment below!

Enjoy Widgefy!