Welcome to Widgefy.io!

Today, we’re excited to announce the soft launch of Widgefy.io!

It has been a long journey just to get to this point, nevertheless – we are here! Soft launch of a product! Yay! Hold up, soft launch? Exactly, soft launch. The reason this is a soft launch is because we just rolled out the product and are about to begin a beta testing program, more on that later.

Yeah, okay, “but why should I care” – you might ask.. For you this means that our product and all of its features are completely free! FREE! Isn’t that awesome? Yes, it is. But what exactly is Widgefy?

What is Widgefy?

In a sentence, widgefy is a Software as a Service (Saas) platform that provides a tool to help convert website visitors into leads. For now, we offer an interactive calculator as our main feature, and several other tabs to further aid visitors with info they might be interested in pre purchase. The widget can be displayed on either side of the website, includes an option for color input of your choice, certain tabs can be switched on or off and has a mobile version too.

The widget can be installed on any website, regardless of CMS. It takes about a minute to pair up with your website, and another several minutes to actually set up the content.

Sidebar widget appearance

When a website visitor has clicked on a certain tab, corresponding pop up window will appear. Here are few examples:

Calculator & Video pop ups respectively

On the left side is one of the steps in the calculator questionnaire, and to the right is a video pop up. There are many other options such as:

  • Quick order form
  • Sale / Promo form
  • Portfolio
  • Custom link

We encourage you to try them out, and see which combination works best for your website.  To try you must sign up via our product page:

Try widgefy now!

Would my website benefit from Widgefy?

Initially we started designing calculator widget with primary focus on small to medium businesses who are selling complicated products or services. For example, a landscaping company gets website visitor who is only looking for an estimate at this point, so he notices a calculator, fills out several steps in that form, leaves his info and gets a callback or an email with an estimate. The visitor gets what he came looking for, and a landscaping company just got a lead!

That is just one of many Widgefy application example. You may set it up for your website as you choose! Try it out, its completely free.

Try widgefy now!

So far, landing pages have shown the best results of conversion rates increase, but this shouldn’t stop you from trying widgefy on your project. Maybe the results will not be very dramatic but look at it this way, even if you can gain only a few more clients with the help of our widget, then its already worth it.

What’s next?

We’re looking forward to tackling the hard technical challenges ahead. The product is yet to be finished. We are opening up a beta testers program where we’ll be giving out bonuses for users’ input. Based on the gathered information we’ll be scaling out the product so that your commercial website and your business will maximize revenue opportunities with help of Widgefy.io!