Widgefy’s conversion rates on mobile devices

Today we're taking a look at a user case of Widgefy's calculator on a mobile devices for landing page of a pool construction company.

Getting started with Widgefy

This is a quick video guide on how to get started with Widgefy. The whole set up process typically takes no more than 10 minutes & then you're all ready to get extra leads with Widgefy!

Widgefy minor update 1.011

Details of a minor product update focused primarily on fixing bugs and glitches.

Join us for open beta

Join Widgefy for an open beta testing to test drive our product and all of its features absolutely free! Everybody is welcome to try out our product starting today. Several most active users will receive presents in a form of an in-service credit and the…

Soft launch of Widgefy.io

Today, we’re excited to announce the soft launch of Widgefy.io! Widgefy is a Software as a Service (Saas) platform that provides a tool to help convert website visitors into leads. For now, we offer an interactive calculator as our main feature, and several other tabs…